MercadoLibre - NetSuite

Integration App

Keep orders, inventory, and product updates accurate and consistent across your applications with the pre-built MercadoLibre-NetSuite Integration App

Over 4,500 NetSuite customers rely on Celigo for their eCommerce integrations

Celigo leverages a decade of experience helping thousands of customers with integrations to bring the best MercadoLibre - NetSuite connector.

Comprehensive flows out-of-the-box

Sync orders, fulfillments, inventory levels across systems enabling operational efficiency

Intuitive setup without coding

Intuitive design that guides you through the process of setting up the integrations, without worrying about APIs or code

Self-service with low maintenance

Built for both IT & end-users, take control of your integrations with the Celigo standalone application

Customizable and expandable

Data integration flows can be customized and expanded with Celigo’s iPaaS, without requiring technical resources

Advanced Capabilities

Key Integration Flows

What is an Integration App?

Integration Apps are complete, standalone SaaS applications that connect applications. They are built on an iPaaS, which allows for a level of robustness and customization not possible with direct connections.

Many other vendors offer recipes and accelerators that help connect different applications. However, only Celigo offers Integration Apps.

MercadoLibre Integration App

Celigo is a G2 Leading iPaaS vendor

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